Yoga Classes in The Cotswolds, Oxfordshire

Teacher Training

Six Month Modular Foundation Course
Yoga Therapy 

This foundation course is part of The British Wheel of Yoga CPD teacher training resources but is also open to qualified yoga teachers who have completed 200 hours training courses.  The aim of the course is to help yoga teachers build their confidence in delivering safe, thoughtful and creative Yoga Therapy (YT) practises for a variety of chronic health conditions. The essence of most learnt practises will be focused on helping people to ease discomfort, pain and the stress associated with their condition through a variety of breathing practises, deep relaxations, meditations, gentle, soothing yoga movements and where appropriate, held asanas.  There will be plenty of opportunity to explore the value of mudras, pranayama, chanting and other more traditional practises. 

Teachers will be encouraged to teach from the heart with emphasis placed on being with the felt experience of the practises and less on doing the practises.  Assessments through case studies are an active part of learning and each case is treated on an individual basis, in other words, ‘no one cure fits all’.  

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Six Month Modular Course

This personal development course is part of The British Wheel of Yoga CPD teacher training courses but is also open to yoga teachers from other training schools, as well as yoga practitioners wishing to explore Mindfulness principles, concepts, theories and practises to improve their overall health and wellbeing.  The aim of the course is for participants to learn new resources to become less reactive to stress, anxiety, pain, depression and instead to become more resilient when faced with life’s challenges. 

The course is progressive with one day building from the next, starting with a theme of Awareness, followed by Acceptance, Inquiry and ending with Kindness and Compassion.  A variety of meditations, theories and concepts will be explored with emphasis on Mindfulness in Action using, for example, walking meditations and yoga practises.   

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