Mindfulness provides us with a scientifically researched approach to cultivating mental clarity, insight, and understanding

We may not be able to eliminate the pressures we face in life, but we can learn to respond with full awareness, in a less reactive way.

Mindfulness offers a variety of practices to help us stay in the moment so we can be more aware of ourselves, others and our surroundings. This allows us to become conscious of our habitual mental patterns and provides an anchor for our constantly busy thoughts, worrying, over analysing, planning, sorting and fixing. The ultimate aim of Mindfulness is to lead a more contented, meaningful and fulfilled life.

It is advisable to check that your Mindfulness teacher has been approved by government standards and accredited by UK Networks of qualified Mindfulness Teachers by visiting www.ukmindfulnessnetwork.co.uk 

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Mindfulness Teaching and Coaching

If you tend to suffer from stress, anxiety, depression or are living with a chronic health condition, this course will help empower you to become more resilient, calmer, self-compassionate and happier in your day to day life.

All courses are designed from the ‘Breathworks’ framework, arguably the leading international organisation in Mindfulness for Health.

Mindfulness Courses

Progressive 6 or 8-week courses, designed to help you manage stress on a daily basis and long into the future. Courses are held both in person and on line in the Autumn, Winter and Spring. 

Taster workshops

Regularly available throughout the year to introduce the key principles and practices of Mindfulness.

Mindfulness One-to-One Sessions

Personal coaching to create and develop practices that are more specific to your needs.

Mindfulness Talks, Presentations and Team Building

Easily accessible sessions providing tools for improved concentration, clarity of mind and the management of stress.

I felt so calmed by Nikki’s extraordinary soothing voice, she has a special talent