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Nikki has 30 years of experience as a Supervisor, supporting many Health Professionals both privately and NHS staff in clinical settings. For most health professions, it is a requirement to have regular supervision to ensure the best quality of service for their clients.

Yoga Teachers need supervision both as an investment for their personal health but also for their continuing professional development (CPD) to keep their teachings fresh. In difficult times, yoga teachers can experience burn out from ‘holding’ their students and they often need to be held themselves by an experienced supervisor, who can skilfully guide them to regain their strength and re-balance in life.

Yoga Teachers are often presented with a student who is suffering from a chronic mental or physical health condition and can feel out of their depth as to how to support them. As the director of a Professional Training School in Yoga Therapy, Nikki is well experienced in guiding yoga teachers to further understand health conditions and how to best support their students.

A typical Supervision session:

During one-to-one supervision, yoga teachers will be given an opportunity to unravel any difficult experiences whether personal or concerning one of their students. They will have time to reflect on their thoughts, emotions and feelings that arise and will be held in a space that is both supportive, caring and compassionate.

Sessions:  one hour or 45 minutes

one-to-ones – on line or in person (subject to Government guidelines)
groups – on-line or in person

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