“Atha yoganushasanam”

“Now is the time to practise yoga”

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, chapter one, verse one

Established scientific research evidence recognises the vital role Yoga plays in soothing the nervous system and in alleviating the impact of stress on the mind and body. It also helps improve flexibility, energy levels and realigning the spine.Yoga practise helps us to improve awareness of our body, of our breathing and of our state of mind. 

Yoga practices traditionally, but not exclusively, included asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practise), deep relaxations, meditations, mantra, chanting and mudras (hand gestures).

Nowadays, Yoga practices are drawn from many different disciplines and there are a huge variety of styles of yoga to suit each individual. Some prefer a more active fitness style of yoga that challenges the sluggish mind and body whilst others prefer and often need a more mindful style of yoga to ease stress and tension. The aim is to create a more compassionate relationship towards the mind, body and breath.

Nikki Jackson Yoga classes

Yoga Classes

Yoga Focus promotes a more mindful style of yoga, encouraging students to become ’embodied’ through feeling bodily sensations and therefore less connected with agitated thoughts in the mind. Some practices encourage flowing movement as in Yoga Flows, whilst others encourage Self compassion and deep exploration as in Restorative and Therapeutic styles. 

We eat different foods depending on our age, our environment and the time of day for example. It is the same with yoga practise so it is important to choose your yoga class carefully so it is compatible for your stage in life and your current needs.

Yoga One to One Sessions

An individual yoga session is ideal for someone wishing to further develop their practise. Following an assessment of your current needs, aims and future goals, a programme is designed through the process of inquiry that encourages you to deepen your experience of the benefits of yoga.

Yoga Workshops, Summer and Winter Schools

A variety of Yoga workshops are offered during the year on specific yoga themes such as ‘Freeing the Spine’, ‘Restoring and Revitalising Energy Systems’, ‘How to Meditate’ ‘Enhancing Breathing Techniques with  Pranayama’. Yoga Summer and Winter schools are hugely popular and offer an opportunity to explore different styles of yoga from a variety of different experienced teachers.



Restorative Yoga

11.30am – 12.45pm

Chadlington village Hall and online.

Yoga Flows

6.30pm – 7.45pm

Enstone Parish Hall and online. Please email for Zoom code.


Mindful Meditations online

6pm – 6.30pm

Open to all. Please email for zoom code 



10am – 11am

Triumph Sudio, Chipping Norton.


Restorative Yoga

11.45am – 1pm

Charlbury Memorail Hall (mixed ability – suitable for everyone)

Yoga One-to-One Sessions

Afternoon sessions available but other times possible. Please email to book a session.


Please make your payments online prior to classes to:

Bank of Scotland:
Account: 06517590
Sort Code: 12-24-81

Recorded Classes

If you would like a recorded version of yoga classes please visit: https://nikkijackson24.gumroad.com/

Yoga Weekend Workshops

Robin Lipsey, a wonderful and very experienced yoga teacher, runs monthly Saturday workshops at his Yoga Barn by the river, Wolvercote, Oxford, OX2 8PG. I teach there sometimes too. For more information, visit:  Yoga class and teacher in North Oxford by Robin Lipsey Yoga (oxfordyoga.org.uk) 

“Yoga is the journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self”

The Bhagavad Gita